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HoHo Technology Co., Ltd.千特科技有限公司成立於2007年.身為一個供應及製造商,我們的目的不僅是提供最好的產品,我們也在研發及代理新的各式實驗用儀器及耗材並提供最佳的服務給您。

當然我們也有提供客戶各式客戶訂製抗體及實驗用預染蛋白質標準液及核酸標準液的服務。如有任何需要歡迎打電話 傳真或E-mail都可以!


DSHBNew Promotion: If you order one ml of a Protein Capture Reagents Program (PCRP) mAb in the next 30 days, we will send you two samples of any other PCRP mAbs in stock for free.* Just let us know how they work. The collection can be accessed here. (7/14/2017結束)

Alstom  Alstem provides both products and services in iPS cell reprogramming, genome editing, virus packaging and cell line immortalization to customers.


Collagen Research Center World's first commercialization of the non-RI collagenase activity assay kit.


NIBSC  NIBSC provides biological reference materials and reagents, WHO international standards, influenza reagents, QC Reagents and other IVD reagents.


ImmunoLab Immunolab is producing more than 150 different immunological test kits and reagents from the areas of Clinical Diagnostics and Food Analytics.



新服務: 1. 客製化高效價 Rat or Rabbit or Mouse 多株抗體!

                     2. 代尋服務: 您找不到的抗體或試劑或耗材 我們幫您找並代理進口! 歡迎大家團購省運費

                     3. New# Normal Mouse, Rat or Rabbit serum. 

                    4. NEP peptide(NEP) New England Peptide 合成  給您百分百的滿意

                    5. New# 幽門桿菌檢驗試劑 (快篩試劑 免疫試劑檢驗)

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